Customing GoBug
Pane scrollbar widths
System fonts, sizes and colours

The log
Click on the menu item "settings, log settings". Now you can change which messages are ignored in the log, how much memory the log can use, and the font and colour of the log text.
Ignoring some messages
Log text colours and font
The memory used by the log

The hot-key
Click on the menu item "settings, define hot-key". Press on the keys to use for the new hot-key. The display will tell you whether or not you can use that hot-key. If you want to use that hot-key click "apply". It is best to use an unusual combination of keys so that the hot-key cannot be invoked in ordinary use. Crtl and/or Shift and an F-key is usually a good combination. Avoid using combinations used by Windows eg. Alt-Tab, Alt-Shft-Tab, Alt-F4 or Alt-Esc or key combinations used as shortcuts by the application which you intend to debug. More information about the hot-key.

Click on the menu item "settings, colours" and choose the pane for which you want to change the colour.

Click on the menu item "settings, fonts" and choose the pane for which you want to change the font. The panes do not change their size when you change the font - you will need to resize them to suit your taste. The MMX and Floating Point panes are different. They do resize so that they display all their contents in the new font. The other difference is that you are restricted to a non-proportional font with these panes.

Pane scrollbar widths
If the narrow pane scrollbars (default) are not to your liking, click on the menu item "settings, pane scrollbar widths" to alter them.

System fonts, sizes and colours
System fonts, sizes and colours can be changed using "Control Panel, Display, Appearances". GoBug usually responds to the changes immediately, but sometimes only after particular windows and panes are remade. Enlarging the system font will enlarge all GoBug's dialogs but the fonts used inside non-dialog panes and windows will remain as before. Change these using GoBug's menu item "settings, fonts". You can change the background colour of the windows and panes, but the text colour must be done using GoBug's menu item "settings, colours".